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Our Values

  Management Concept:Philosophy of“Loftiness as Water”
       “The highest motive is to be like water. Water is essential to all life, yet it does not demand a fee or proclaim its
import ance.The reason why the river and the sea are able to be king of the hundredvalleys is that they excel in takin
g the lower position. Nothing is more soft and yielding than water in the world, yet to go against the hardest, nothing
is superior to it its just the "soft virtue"; so the soft can overcome the hard”
        The life health is the final beneficiary of medicine, which is our cause to pursue. This philanthropic undertaking
likes moral characteristic of water to concern the life and health!
        Spirit of enterprise: Humanist and sincere service
        Creed of staff : Make concerted efforts whole-heartedly
        Management Concept:Philosophy of“Loftiness as Water”